Being raised in the Fairview section of South Camden, this blog is made up of of many stories. It is about a city that I was born and experienced into in February 23, 1944, 12:10 am. I work in this city as a landlord, manager, mechanic skills of  many, master of none, arbitrator, etc. Camden has impulsed me into an unnamed philosophy. The sweet and the bitter lives of the people of Camden has  begged me to write for my own therapy and understanding, a personal therapy, Some encounters were welcome and some were disappointing. All were real! These are stories of peoples on their path from somewhere and someplace and moving toward their dreams as we all want to do. Some are and were tenants, some are strangers, some a blur in time and some learning how to be real in a real tough but dynamic city. Camden, NJ has held the distinction of being the poorest and highest crime city in the country. I heard that it has, for its size, more warrants for arrest than anywhere else. I even get them on occasion. It is in in some ways Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. It is also a city of comedy, heart evoking, mean and a sometime distrustful place with acts of murder, confusion, theft, lies and ignorance. Sounds like many places on this planet. Despite this horn of plenty, it is vibrant with love, hope, joy and expectations. Children, spirituality, wonder, nature…and always full of dreams and magic. And it is an opportunity to learn about cooperation with each other. Uncle Gus RIP, tells me once in a while that man can do anything in this world except get along with his neighbor. Well his spirit still lives in this city :-).  Here I will recount some of the Camden Chronicles as they happened and are still happening. Contact me @… biz@camdenchronicles.com

Cesar Viveros Herrera has spent over 15 years creating public art in the United States and his Native Mexico, and has collaborated with Mural Arts since 1997. His public work has been inspired by the communities he has served throughout the years, to whom he has become the extended voice of their particular ideology, recurring primarily on documentary work that helped him to visually articulate these individual stories to be exposed to a broader audience. Aztec dances and ceremonies, miniature altars, sculptures, fresco painting, mosaic, and feather work are some signature elements of his work outside murals. https://www.facebook.com/cesar.viveros.904

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