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Mike I don’t know what the file you sent me is or even if I sent it. Life has come down to thinking  that many answers to the present ‘confusion and lies’ leads to the phrase ‘follow the money trail’. I’ve been a landlord for 42 years in a city that has been swallowed by corruption, drugs, killings and fear. With a smattering of faith, love, compassion and births. I think one of the reasons that so many women in the have children is to give hope to the future and their ‘shadowed’ dreams…not shattered. It’s not always about the $$.


I have felt and seen too much pain and joy, whether direct or indirect experience (landlords become an unintended voyeur by default). I am also confused with an aspect that I have become. I rent to families with young children..a good thing, and then sometimes, down the road, I have to personally evict those same kids who called me Mr. John. Lunacy. Camden was a sweet, safe working class town with the support of the Italian and Jewish business mentality. The Irish were the tough kids and the police. The blacks were elevator operators and they also shined shoes for a livinhg. The Puerto Rican family’s didn’t even have a footprint, they sold shaved ice cups on the sidewalks. Latino’s were not even here. The American Indian, and there were some…they existed on TV and we felt good when they were shot. And still people don’t know that there is maybe a %10 population of the folks we stole America from. And every group has a one day holiday except the American Indian. I think Jersey City celebrates over 100 ethnic groups every year (riddle me that one).  Like David Byrne said ‘how did I get here, who is this beautiful wife?


I do have an idea though…I propose that every politician who calls for war, has to go serve in a nursing home and a hospital ward with the amputees and a tour in an insane asylum for 2 months…a requirement. Then send them back to office.

I will tell you one thing for sure, if the politicians that are responsible for steering this country into chaos ever stop ‘food, water and healthcare’ to citizens…you better find that un-bought ticket to Mexico we talked about in the 60’s. I’m going to be 73 this month and I go to work with my 5th metatarsal  on my left foot that I broke in October. I still where a foot boot 4 months. I have a broken toe on the right foot and diabetes type 2. So Amy and I got to Social Security to see if I am eligible for anything. I can’t apply for SSD because you need to apply before you are 62 or 64. I can’t get SSI because I own property in Camden…regardless that half of what I have is un-rentable because 5 houses have been broken into since last year, as the plumbing and electric wiring was more important in the junk yard than in a home. One house was firebombed by my tenant’s boyfriend, Oh she asked me for her security deposit as the 7 alarm firemen and trucks pulled away from the smoke filled sky on 4th street.




I don’t have the $$ to repair them, let alone keep up the taxes. I don’t receive Social Security benefits because my aunt, who I worked with for 25 years never paid into my SS, just taxes! So I explained to the human android that I have worked since I was 16 and is this is what it comes to???

I’m not complaining because I’m still alive, married and putting food on the table. And now our country is run by a megalomaniac who disrespect women, has robbed many an employee and lined his administration with billionaires and misguided killers. Not to mention wanting to start a war with Russia., China and Iran. WTF!


Well when my uncle Gus died at 92 he said Johnny the first hundred years are the hardest, then it’s downhill from there. I felt so much better. Your friend Mr. John. Live long and prosper.

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