“One of my homes is Firebombed”

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In late June 2015 one of my tenant’s friends came by at around 3 am and thru a Molotov cocktail into the back door of one of my homes. He intended to burn my tenant and her 4 year old daughter to death while they were sleeping. Fortunately neither my tenant or her daughter were home. My tenant came up to me, at the end of the day and apologized for the home being destroyed AND then asked me when could she get her security deposit BACK!!! I was speechless.


Many people on the block knew who the arsonist was yet no one knew his name. No one knows anything. I am told that he still drives around the neighborhood…to¬† this day. It has been 6 months since the fire Marshall gave me her 10 page report stating the investigation is still pending! It has bee 6 months since the Camden City police department has yet to responded to my queries about the investigation!


My wife and I have had a face to face meeting with the NJ state senator, in her office, for discussion and assistance…no word as of yet! However she did say that the police department would install a ‘eye in the sky’ camera on a telephone pole in front of my shop building. There use to be one there last year but for some unknown reason the camera was removed in October.

I now know what it must feel like when I see, on TV, some person or family who has had their home destroyed by a drone or and madman who wants to kill the inhabitants. If anyone is interested in buying one charbroiled home please contact me. $50K up in smoke. As they often say in Camden…”Thanks Be to Jesus.” Mr. John